Castles Chess Club
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13th February 2002

With a "rook on the 7th", and doubled rooks on an open file Black has the initiative. Which of the listed moves for Black is best?

a) Rg2 x c2 Reasonable - allows the follow up of R(g8) - g2 threatening Rxh2 mate. 3 points
b) Rg2 - e2 Bad - the rook can take the knight 1 point
c) Rg2 - f2 A trick move - if Rxf2 then Nxf2 is mate. But Nd5 is a strong response 2 point
d) Rg2 x h2+ Bad - the king can take the knight 1 point
e) Rg2 - g1+ Forcing mate in 2 (Rxg1 is forced then Nf2 is mate!) 4 points
f) Nh3 - f2+ Wins 'the exchange (rook for knight), but does not force mate. 3 points


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